Who said there is no such thing as FREE PAPPY?! Well we want to dispel that myth - and just in time for the holidays!

At the end of the day this Black Friday, we are going to GIVE AWAY one bottle of Old Rip Van Winkle (Pappy 10 year) as a way of us saying thank you to all of the fine folks that follow us at Bluegrass Barrels & Gifts.

Ok, so nothing is absolutely do have to "earn" your chance at getting a totally free bottle of Pappy....but we feel that doing these easy steps listed below is a lot easier than camping out overnight:

The drawing will take place at 4:00 EST on Black Friday, so hurry up and complete the incredibly easy tasks below!

1) You MUST BE 21 Years of age to enter the drawing.
2) Go to and enter your email address at the top of the website.
3) Go onto Facebook and like our Bluegrass Barrels and Gifts page and also share the page with all of your buddies.
4) Go onto Twitter and follow us at @BluegrassBarrel and retweet our post regarding the free drawing.
5) Go onto Instagram and follow us at Bluegrassbarrelsandgifts and reply to our post  about the free drawing and tag a friend.
6) And I hate to say it, but we cannot ship bourbon, that is against the law, brotha!
So you MUST be able to pick up the Old Rip from:

Turnpike Liquors
234 Keystone Crossroads Dr
Shepherdsville, KY 40165. 

You MUST DO ALL OF THESE prior to the drawing in order to win the bottle of 10YR Old Rip.

Once we draw the winning name, we will notify the winner via email and we will give Turnpike Liquor the bottle of Pappy along with the winner's name.

And that is it!  This beats the hell out of waiting in the cold rain overnight just to get a chance to buy a bottle!

Good luck and thank you to you all for loving bourbon, and following us at Bluegrass Barrels & Gifts!


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by Tracy Goble

This would be a great gift for someone, might as well be me.

by Jennifer

Love these barrels! What a different way to have a chance to win a bottle of Pappy! Way to go Bluegrass Barrels and Gifts!

by Chris Pinkerton

Let’s get some PAPPY

by Rich Ventura

All set. Let’s win some Pappy

by Darin

Best Black Friday deal ever! Pappy Thanksgiving!

by Barb Snapp

Thank you for this exciting event!! Pappy Thanksgiving!!🥃👍🏻👏🏼👏🏼👍🏼

by Gary Harper

I have seen a post of your Very Fine Gesture of the drawing for the free ORVW ! However , I am discouraged after reviewing the hoops which are designed that must be done to get a ticket for the chance to get the bottle. I don’t know how and don’t have access to do all the necessary hoops that you have made it to be able to get a ticket . I was a construction worker before I got hurt in a work accident many years ago and now am on many medications and have never learned all this new technology and can’t afford to have it either to be able to do the required steps. So then , I contacted my son-n-law to hopefully he could get a ticket for him to have a chance to get the bottle and he doesn’t have twitter. So , really I dislike the way that you have set these steps to jump through to get a chance because I am sure there will be many more people who simply can’t get a ticket because of the hoops that you set up . Good Luck to the ones who happen to be able to play and for us that can’t I guess we are simply ummmmmmmm ! I believe you may have lost as many new customers as you have gained from this situation . This kind of hoops just frustrates me . I would have rather not seen the post than to find out all the hoops that many can’t get through ! I am a veteran who stood for all not the few ! Gary Harper

by Tara

I love these barrels. I’ve ordered 5 so far. They are great gifts!

by Vanessa Hunt

What a great prize and I can certainly drive to Lexington to pick it up!!

by Matt

Great way to try to win some Pappy. Great idea.

by Michael Licata

I just woke up!