The team and I recently had a "work meeting" at a bar and they had several restaurant barrel we decided to try all three of them.  Here is a quick review of the first, New Riff Bourbon:

- Years- 4 Years

- 111 Proof

- Nose Rating- 5 out of 5.  I was shocked with how great of a nose this had with it being only four years old.  A vanilla bomb!  Great!

- Taste- 3.  This is not a bad thing, it is just that it did not have a huge flavor profile and you could taste that it was young.

- Finish- 3. It was a subtle finish, especially for 111 proof.  A little heat, but not much, which I like. 

-Summary- I am not sure how much a bottle of this new Riff retails for, but with it being only four years, this is one of the better young bourbons I have tasted, so I am excited to try it in later age offerings.