During a recent "work meeting" at Commonwealth Tap, we tried all three of their barrel selection offerings.  See the previous blog post to see the New Riff review.  Here is the second of three bourbon reviews on their Knob Creek selection:

- Knob Creek. Distilled by Jim Beam.

- 120 Proof. Aged 10 Years

- Nose- 5 out of 5. "Amazing" was the review by two of the three tasters.

- Taste- 4 out of 5. A nice, even, robust flavor.  Even for 120 proof bourbon, which is impressive!

Finish- 4.5 out of 5. A relatively hot finish, but not enough to overcome the robust flavor. 

Knob Creek Barrel Picks are some of the most unpredictable barrel picks I know of.  Some are amazing....some....are awful.  This one, was great!  So if you are at a liquor store that has a Knob barrel pick, I highly recommend asking for a sample prior to buying.  If it is anything like this Comonwealth Tap section, you are in for a treat!