Thank you very much to Mark Cappelletty for submitting this recipe for a barrel-aged vieux carre that he aged in a 3-Liter Barrel.  Thank you again Mark and enjoy!

The Barrel-Aged Vieux Carré

1 750ml Bottle            Rittenhouse Rye (25.36 oz.) + 5 oz.

1 750ml Bottle            Pierre Ferrand 1840 Cognac (25.26 oz.) + 5 oz.

1 750ml Bottle            Cocchi Vermouth di Torino Vermouth (25.36 oz.) + 5 oz.

8-10 oz.                      Benedictine (10 if you like it a little sweeter and more herbal)

64 dash                      Angostura Bitters

64 dash                      Peychaud’s Bitters

(Thank you to Noe Restaurant and Bar for the picture)

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by Mark Cappelletty

Depends when you started aging in the barrel— if it’s early in the run, maybe 4 weeks tops, but if it’s later in the year, up to 6 weeks.

by Mark Winters

How long is the suggest aging for this recipe?